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Kimball G. Carter, CG®

Genealogy Puzzles Solved


Over 40 Years of Genealogical
Research Experience

A lot has changed over the 40 years that I’ve been doing genealogical research. The internet has made it more convenient than ever to find records about our ancestors. We can build family trees in minutes. And, like everything in today’s world we want things to happen easily, and quickly. But some things haven’t changed. As family trees expand most of us encounter elusive ancestors and genealogical puzzles. Who was his father? Where did she come from? Why can’t I find their children?

As a Certified Genealogist® I specialize in solving genealogical puzzles.

Let me help you find the solution to your genealogical puzzle. Use the form below to contact me, or simply email me at kimballcarter@gmail.com




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Areas of Special Expertise

Most genealogists have deeper experience in some geographies. Below is a listing of areas where I have the most experience. That being said, I am capable of helping you solve your genealogical puzzle in just about anywhere in the United States.


I’ve been researching families in Virginia for many, many years. I’m particularly strong in colonial Virginia.


New York has always presented unique challenges for research. My experience there is a strong asset.


I’ve done a great deal of research in the Indianapolis area and a fair amount in the state of Indiana in general.


I’ve researched heavily in Baden-Württemberg, Mecklenburg-Schwerin and other areas of Germany.

Great britain

I have a lot of experience researching in Essex, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire and the London areas.


Even with the internet, trips to the Family History Library continue to be critical in solving genealogical puzzles.


Friends come and go, but relatives tend to accumulate.
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